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Thanks for all your help on the petition review! I don’t see any way I could understand or apply the learning I currently have without having gone thru this exercise with you to crystallize it all. Not that I am any expert but at least I have some idea what to do now! Thanks Victoria.

–Christopher C. Carr, MBA, P.C., Website

In addition to High Integrity, Creativity, and Expertise, Victoria Ring is practical and supportive of the professionals that she assists and brings out the best in their staff.

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Victoria Ring offers two areas of service: (1) She is a great VBA, giving prompt, accurate, detail-oriented help in preparing bankruptcy petitions; (2) She offers excellent training to attorneys in bankruptcy work. Her prices are reasonable.

–Jeff Williams, Williams Law Office, Atlanta GA, Website

Victoria is a dedicated, well-organized and very intelligent person. She did fantastic work for me as a paralegal to my personal injury firm.

–Simina Vourlis, Columbus, OH, Website

Victoria is extremely smart. She knows as much and probably more than a bankruptcy attorney. She has been in the business for a very long time. She has successfully started several businesses that achieved phenomenal success. I would hire her again!

–Susie McKinzie, Dallas TX, Website

Thanks, this is just a wonderful site you have put together. I just hope I can get some more business now that I am understanding things. Bret Lewis, Esq., Los Angeles CA, Website

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  • Of course. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for the link referral. –Victoria Ring

  • You seem to be a very well versed writer – have you taken any classes or courses? I’m impressed -Latonia Troff

  • Thank you for your kind comments Latonia. No, I have never taken any writing classes. In fact, I do not know the difference between a noun and an adverb; but I began writing at the age of 5. I praise God for His mighty hand. It is only by His power that I am able to write.

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